• Voyager Euro-Style Rollator Ice Palace

Voyager Euro-Style Rollator Ice Palace

Hybrid design with separate seat and handle height ranges that accommodate heights ranging from 4?11 - 6?4 and as the seat height is increased the footprint grows effectively addressing the need for increased stability as the center of gravity of the unit moves upward * Features easy-to-operate ergonomic hand brakes with hidden cables * 10-inch front and 8-inch rear wheels for great maneuverability and stability with an attractive shielded braking mechanism which offers excellent grip on the rear wheels * Ergonomic handles with hidden brake cables * Adjustable height in one-inch increments from 35 - 42<< with an audible click as well as visual height settings * Height adjustments on leg frame allows seat height to be adjusted from 21 to 24 * Comes with an 18 x 10 thickly padded seat with a handle to quickly and easily fold and unfold side-to-side (rather than front-to-back) allowing the unit to maneuver through narrow doorways * Attractive mesh tote attaches to the front frame and is easily removed to double as a shoulder bag for carrying personal items * 10-inch front and 8-inch rear non-marring black wheel with soft grip tires glide on almost any surface * Lightweight aluminum frame is durable for years of worry-free use * Folds up for quick and easy transport in any vehicle and for storage *

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