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Cando Exercise Band Red Light 50-Yard Dispenser Box

Cando Exercise Band Red Light 50-Yard Dispenser Box

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CanDo© Low Powder Exercise Band - 50 yard roll - Red - light: CanDo© resistive exercise band roll is packaged in a dispenser box *Simply unroll desired length of exercise band from dispenser box and cut with scissors *CanDo© high quality latex resistive exercise band has been used in clinics for rehabilitation conditioning and training since 1987 *It has become a well known staple of many physical therapy programs *CanDo© exercise band is an economic solution for upper and lower body exercise *Lightweight compact and portable *Durable *Effective when used alone or with handles and anchors *Color-coded according to the exercise band?s resistance *CanDo© is licensed to use the Thera-Band© color sequence so resistance level is easily identified *Available in 8 levels of resistance for progressive exercise *Levels range in order of strength from least to greatest resistance: tan yellow red green blue black silver gold *Uniform width - each band is 5 wide *50-yard rolls have a core that fits most dispenser racks *CanDo© low powder exercise band is made of natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions *For those with latex sensitivities there are latex-free alternative offerings of CanDo© exercise band *Dimensions: 7 x 6 x 7 *Weight: 4.0 lbs *UPC: 714905002747

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